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HSV light steel villa is a kind of prefabricated house, consisting of a cold rolling, thin-walled cross section frame system, thermal wall system and roof system. It is a new type of energy conservation and environment protection house, which is easy and convenient to install. It is widely used as living house, school, modular house, hotel etc.

Its service life time can be more than 60 years.


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  • Easy to install: all the fixed holes and pipe holes are prepunched, 2-3 workers can finish the istallation (save 70% labor cost, shorten 10% construction period; fasten 30% the construction process).
  • Fire and insect resistance: all the steel parts are galvanized, no need to use pesticide, preservation or glue. The wall system is filled with mineral wool and the steel frame system is waterproof.
  • Prefabricated: firstly, all the parts are manufactured, then follows the prefabrication of the walls and finally all of them are packed together.
  • Heat insulation: the steel wall system is not affected by temperature or humidity, so that most of heat and air conditioner energy remains in the house. Thus, more energy will be saved.
  • Wind and seismic resistance: the solid connection and the hardness of the steel itself can be applied against seismic and hurricane condition. Steel's high strength renders it the best building material to resist the seismic force.
  • Artistic and comfortable: the interior decoration is per your wish, while the air quality inside the house is very good.
  • Energy saving and environment protection: only 1% construction wastes. The recycling rate of the steel reaches 70%. Furthermore, when the house life time is over, the steel can be reused.



  • Roof panel structure: Sheet iron 6mm thick with polyurethane, galvanized, panels 60mm thick
  • Wall panel structure: Sheet iron 6mm thick with polyurethane, galvanized, flat panels 80mm thick




3 bedroom villa - 90 sqm                          4 bedroom villa - 117 sqm                                        2 bedroom villa - 57 sqm

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